Robb’s Gig 2017!!!

It’s coming…

Nov 11th 2017. Assembly Inn, Bath.

Facebook Event

“Hey hey people!!! Nope we havent forgotten and yep we are totally gunna do all the loveliness again! Robb’s gig baby! That’s right – a right lovely get together of nice people, impromptu bands playing sweet ass music, Jagermeister, a bit of nostalgia, performance, booze, SEX HAMMER, whatever you want to happen, let us know!! All help can and will be provided to accommodate people, performance, thoughts, visuals, ANYTHING – just let us know! Please keep the date free and join us for a lovely evening of lovely people doing lovely things – love. xxx”

Robb’s Gig 2015

We’ve missed a couple of years due to various difficulties, but on August 22nd, we achieved Robb’s Gig 2015. Wonderful peeples once again converged on Bath for a night of joy and drink and noise and all the feelings.

I always have plans to say something profound, witty and/or heartfelt on the night, but nerves, stress and time-constraints mean I usually end up mumbling daft nonsenses instead. So I‘ll try to at least get the heartfelt bit done here.

Firstly, I want to make it clear what Robb’s Gig is about.

I’ve long been concerned that my lack of communication on this and other matters has made things unclear. It’s not to deify our dead friend. I’m sure almost everyone who knew Robb thought he was awesome, funny, pretty, grumpy, down to earth, an incredible musician and artist; but they also know he was as inherently flawed and silly as the rest of us.

We are in no way glorifying his death. The majority of my thoughts about my brother over the past decade have been fucking futile fury. In one action, he changed the lives of so many people, in such a terrible way. We’re dealing with that every day.

The only way I can come close to forgiving him is to remind myself that at only 22, he knew next to nothing. I know he knew next to nothing because I know I know next to nothing and I have now experienced almost 12 years more learning, thinking and growing than he will ever have.

So, the friction of Robb’s Gig — we want to celebrate the 22 years that he enhanced our lives, whilst simultaneously grieving the one night he fucked our lives and navigating the being-without-him-every-day-since. 

It’s a beautiful, exhausting journey into intense emotions, soundtracked by drunken, (sometimes) rusty, musicianship and drunken, nostalgic voices.

We make time to remember him because for all his flaws he was a brilliant human being, and we miss him. We get together because he brought us together. We dance because being alive with these people is freakin’ wonderful and most certainly worth sticking around for. If he were here, I think he’d know that by now.

This means that secondly, but equally, Robb’s Gig is to celebrate each other. The skills and ideas and lovely faces and living lives of those that Robb connected. To me, it’s as much Chris’ Gig, Kristy’s Gig, Sam’s Gig, Shannon’s Gig…, as Robb’s Gig. (I refuse to mention you all by name, but I hope you know it’s your gig.)

So, thank you for being there on the night, thank you for thinking of us if you couldn’t be there, thank you for reading this if this is the first you’ve heard of all this. Thank you for being here now, through everything that got us all to this point in time. I appreciate you all immensely. You make my life better.

Finally, suicide is fucking shit. I presume that many beautiful humans who make this brutal decision are not of a rational state of mind. That is why the one thing I would tattoo on the back of everyone’s hand is:

Don’t mistake the way things are right now for the way things will always be.

In the decade since Robb left, my life has changed, my mind has changed, my body has changed, the world has transformed (thanks Steve Jobs). You don’t know how you are going to feel tomorrow, let alone in 10 years time. If you ever feel like your thoughts and feelings are overwhelming your ability to make rational, healthy decisions, get help. There are so many people out there who can help. If you don’t know who to ask, I will help you find them. 

As with anything, the first path might not be the right one, so keep trying, keep experiencing, keep learning. Keep living. Like climbing a mountain to see a mind-blowing panoramic view of our planet, it’s totally fucking worth the pain.

For those of you couldn’t be there at Robb’s Gig 2015 (or those who want to relive it time and time again), debs and I put together the footage from the night and uploaded it to the new Robb’s Gig YouTube channel.

As we were both performing this year, filming was the very last thing that got sorted. We chucked a couple of GoPro cameras and audio recorders into the room just as Seven Crowns were taking the stage. There was no way to get a decent recording from the PA system, so, the sound isn’t as good as I would’ve liked, but we worked with what we could get.

I recommend getting the full Robb’s Gig experience in your living room by getting as drunk as possible (whilst remembering to drink responsibly and looking after your health NUMBER 1 MOST IMPORTANT), putting on this auto-playing playlist of the night, and hugging everyone you see.

Thanks. I love you. #emo.


Or watch each/any ‘performance’ at your leisure:










Principle of Uncertainty

Robb would’ve been 30 years old today.

As it turns out, being a 30 year old man is really quite different to being a 22 year old boy. 8 years is a long time in neurons. We have no way of knowing what a 30 year old Robb would be like (I know we’d love to be able to find out).

Something I’ve learned during that time is to never be certain about what life is, or who I am. Every choice you make is an experiment and very little of what happens is controllable. So I would suggest to anyone, particularly 22 year old Robb:

Let go.
See what happens.
Be OK with things not meeting your expectations.
Try not to have any expectations.
Enjoy the experiments of experience.

The one thing that is certain is that choices are only available to alive people. From my experience, I recommend making as many choices as you can, for as long as you possibly can.

Also, playing drums is one of the funnest things a person can do.

Robb’s Gig 2011 – Live Web Stream!

UPDATE The video below is randomly auto-playing clips from the night. To get full access to all the clips, click here! Any problems with it, let us know. xx

Here’s the live feed of tonight’s show! We’ll check in when we get chance, so leave comments or what ever if you wanna join in! xx

Watch live streaming video from robbsgig at

2011 Gig Latest Update!

Hello everyone!

Here’s a little update to keep you in the loop with what’s been going down about Robb’s Gig 2011 over the last couple of weeks and the big news is that we’ve put together a really exciting night of music full of contrast and excitement as well as some things you will simply never have seen before. Truly an absolute wealth of varied and incredible talent for our night. LOOK AT DIS BIZNATCH:

Protest Crayon
Jemima Surrender

Death from a Bum 999 – Paul M, Chris H and Harry W try some Death from Above
March of the Mallards – John Ryan, Paul Tucker, Mojo and an as yet unnamed additional Mallard attack some Minor Threat
Sex Hammer
Hundredth Monkey

Broken Jukebox – Simon Panrucker in improv rap hilarity
Tom Skelton
Elderberries – Tom Eldon in “Being Called Elderberries Without His Knowledge and Against His Will Shocker”. Live link-up video folk madness!

Dirk Landish – Dirk’s beautiful mellotron-esque vocals and blues about broken love and Western living
Dexter Selboy – poetry and musictimes from
Rivers of England
The Chicken Supremes – Three sweet fem-vocals combine in pun-tastic soulful beautifulness

We’ll be having a jukebox on the night for you to pick songs to put on between the acts for a small donation, but if you would like to pre-load some music to be played then the Spotify playlist is ready to take picks –

The Assembly have also promised to get some Jager in – naturally.

Also, if there’s anyone who can’t make it to the gig we will be streaming the whole event on from 6pm on the night, so put the word out if you know friends who can’t make it.

Really, going over this again, this is going to be a really really special night. Can’t wait to see everyone there.

Lots and lots of love
See you all on the night xx


Hello everyone!

This year we thought it might be cool to all club in and do something silly and creative for the event and that way we’ll all have something to take away from it and keep – preserved in the annals of the internet until it gets archived in a few years.

So here’s the guide track for the video let’s make for Robb’s gig 2011. Put simply, this is the basis from which you can record your own bit. Simply put some headphones on, listen to this version and sing/drum/percuss/dance/mime/literally anything along and record yourself doing it.

The song is at 112bpm – there’s lots of a metronome at the end if you want to do your bit without the incredibly annoying track playing in the background.

The lyrics and chord progression are here:

You can find the solo and sax bits around the net.

Once you’ve recorded your bit email it to me at I’ll then piece together the final piece in the style of Kutiman The intention is for me to not really be in the final version that much (this really is a guide, sod playing this on the night!) and to have as many people as possible in the video – y’know, cos it’d be really nice.

Email me at or ring me on 07742 364102 if you want some help doing this – you could even come round mine and use my tech to get in the video if you want

Honestly, anything is fine – just smiling and waving would be fine – inclusion’s the name of the game.

Big love xx

Robb’s Gig 2011!

The Bigtime SuperCrew UNITE!

Yes friends! It’s that time of year again (in fact, it’s a little bit later than it normally is, but it looks like summer came late this year so it was totally intentional obviously). Time to start gearing up for the love-filled friend fest where we spend some time together enjoying the personalities, talents and beauty of those close and maybe not so close to us and Robb in the name of the big man himself.

We’ve spent some time laying down the ground work for this year’s event and are proud and excited to reveal that this year Robb’s Gig will be held DOWNSTAIRS AT THE ASSEMBLY INN in beautiful BATH, on Saturday November 12th 2011 at 6:30 PEE EMM! EEK! That’s ONLY FIVE WEEKS AWAY!

This year it’s all about inclusion and involvement! We’ve already lined up some awesome acts who will perform on the night in the spirit and legacy of everything, but we want to see everyone get up and do something. In the spirit of this ethos, we’ve put together what may be the most earth shattering backing band OF ALL TIME to perform tracks of your bidding. Myself, John Ryan and Pocket Chris have all lent their talents to the band and we’d like you to get up and perform with us. If there’s a track you’d like to perform with us, either original or existent, then email me at and let’s get performing. Please let us know by 28th October if you’d like us to learn something and we’ll get our caps on (nb: not caps lock)

AND ALSO! If there’s anything at all you’d like to contribute to the night – be it art, be it comedy, be it film (we’ve got a screen behind the stage), or even BALLOON ANIMALLING, A SMALL DANCE INVOLVING ONE LEG, A JOKE YOU MADE UP, or ANY COMBINATION OR NONE OF THE ABOVE, then let’s do this! If you have absolutely anything you’d like to bring to the night again, email me at and let’s talk! The night is not about competition, far from it, it’s about enjoying each other in whatever form that takes.

Bands, singers, songwriters, let’s do this! Email me if you want to play and we’ll get you on. We’ll have full backline (drums, amps, keys, mics and guitars if necessary) so you just need to turn up. Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like to get playing.

This year we’re looking at keeping it a bit lower key than in previous years (nb: but just as AWESOME), and we’ll be talking a lot about how 2012 is shaping up. Lots of chat has already been had about making 2012 the big one – charging for entry, having a lineup featuring some big-hitting bands, making it an overnight affair – we’re the people who are going to make this happen so let’s use the night to talk about it and see who’s up for contributing what in terms of organization, logistics and perhaps how we get a load of money to do it for absolutely nothing!

Back to this year, we’d love to see as many of you down there as possible and if you have any ideas for the night at all we’d love to hear them. We’ll hopefully be streaming the whole gig live over the net for any internationals or people otherwise engaged (or parented..!) who may not be able to make it, and of course the main thing is that everyone comes along and makes this year all that you guys have made it so far.

Let’s do this!!
Big love as always

Paul, John and Chris xx

Robb’s Gig 2010

The following message is brought to you via Jamie, from the wonderface that is Paul C. MacMahon.

Hey beautifuls, and good afternoon to you, the lovely crew.

It’s coming round to that time of the year again, and big ting gwahn in the background of late to bring together the latest installment of our friend Robb’s gig. Robb’s Gig 2010’s venue and date is now CONFIRMED, and we’re proper excited about it. We’ve got plenty of time to pull together an awesome celebration of his life and loves, get creative, make videos, create new bands, write songs, draw pictures, create decorations, act all silly and all the other malarky that we do so well.

Once all that has been sweated over, let’s all get together and show each other what we’ve been doing in:

The Farmhouse, Lansdown in Bath (


Saturday 25th September 2010 from 5pm.

The staff at the Farmhouse have been really supportive so far and are eager to put the event on, and the pub is completely lush, great atmosphere and perfect for any level of noise we want to make into the wee small hours. We’ve got it exclusively for us till 1 o’clock in the morning.

As we have no limit on noise this year we’re able to crank those amps back up to 11! We will have full backline available (including drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, electric piano and mics), so if you would like to put something together and play let me know and we’ll start to put together a playlist for the evening. We’re encouraging the punk, rock and metal side of things, as well as the acoustic and folk element, and will hopefully have a nice dynamic swoop to the evening. We also have some pretty special things in the works that might not come off, so I won’t mention them yet.

The Farmhouse have a large HDTV behind the stage, so if anyone has anything visual that they would like to display through it – any format should be fine as we can hook a laptop up to it – let me know. We’ll be looping images and things on there through the night, but it would be awesome if we could have another video interlude. Again, if anyone wants to put together a film or show something they’ve created in the past this would be an ideal opportunity.

We’ll be cooking up a barbecue (hopefully) from about 5pm in the outdoor bit of the Farmhouse (which is also really lovely). (It’s all just really lovely there). If the weather is pooping we’ll keep it indoors and sort out some other form of catering. Let me know if anyone has any specific food ideas.

In the spirit of collaboration and embracing emerging technologies I’ve started a Spotify mix to collate all things Robb and musical. Come on board and add freely any songs to be played on the evening in between the live stuff. If you haven’t got Spotify you definitely should have it, and you can get it from for free – I have a couple of invites left for the unlimited music version so hit me up if you want!

We really hope the date is good for everybody, if anyone has houses that have beds what are inside them for people to sleep in locally then here’s the place to hook up. I can be contacted on, and my mobile number is 07742 364102 for asking the things about the evening and please let me know if you’d like to play, what you’ll be doing and what (if any) of the backline you’ll need. Of course, if there people that need to know and are not on the Facebook then please spread the word.

As always, huge love friends.


Facebook page is here:
Facebook Event is here: