Robb’s Gig the third 2008!!!

I’m reposting this on behalf of Matt, as we haven’t sorted out this website still!


From the Robb’s Gig Facebook group:


Yo gang! Can you believe it’s already that special time of year again – yes! Time for the third annual tribute to the bearded, talented, and yet always swearing in photos – Robb Fraser!

The more astute of you will have noticed that this announcement has come to you approximately 1 month before the big man’s birthday so time is a factor and we need to get going! First to note is that there are a few changes to the old and familiar set up of the Robb’s Gigs of the past. The main thing to commit to memory / put in your diary / tattoo on yer face is that this year we are moving the gig from its old venue to a new location – MOLES NIGHTCLUB!! As important as this is the date so your not gunna miss any of the action. The trilogy is set to be completed on Wednesday 17th September. So just to clarify:

Robb’s Gig 2008 – WEDNESDAY 17th September 2008 in Moles
3rd Robb’s Gig – 17/09/08 – Moles Nightclub

Robb’s Gig 3! 17th day of the month of September in the year of 2008 at Moles club Bath!!
Imagine it’s a Tuesday – the 16th of September and we’re in the Porter – I would tell you Robb’s gig is tomorrow (weds) and happening in the club below where we are sitting!

Please keep that evening free and make sure you come if at all possible! The second (and possibly most dangerous) change is that this year Jamie and Debs have passed the gig torch on and are hoping to take a more relaxed and less stressfully involved role in the organisation of this years gig as it would be nice for them to kick back and enjoy one of these a bit more! Therefore you are gunna have to struggle to communicate and contact one of us other admin types to answer any questions ye have or inform us of any ideas you might be harbouring – we will do our best and we apologise in advance as we prolly won’t be as good as the previous organisers!

Sooooooooo with this in mind we would now like to call upon your collective talents and ideas to try and make this gig the one that isn’t remembered for being “not as good as it was!” Robb was very fortunate to have such a wide and diverse range of hugely talented friends, and with your efforts I am sure we can put together an event that is a worthy tribute to Robb’s immense talent. Therefore I call upon all of you that can wield an instrument or stage a performance to supply your services for this event – and if you could let us know a.s.a.p that would really help. Also if anyone has any ideas or suggestions of things they would like to see at this event please put them forward – really anything at all – and we’ll try to make it happen. I should point out at this stage to anyone who is thinking of playing that as this event that due to it now being in moles (that has a later opening time than invention arts) we will possibly have less stage time for bands than previous years. It has been a struggle in the past to get enough time for everyone who wanted to play a space and now we have potentially less time. Therefore if you are thinking of doing summat could you limit your sets to about 10mins (or 2 songs?) Just so as many people as possible have the opportunity to play. We will do our level best to accommodate everyone but get yer names down early to avoid disappointment!

Finally (yes I realise I have wittered on a bit!) the event at Moles will be a free entry event as it is on a Wednesday – therefore get there early as a) the bands will be playing from the start and b) we would hate for people not to be able to gain entry as the club is full. On a final note there will be a collection on the evening that will be donated to the friends of the RUH who perform a difficult but amazing job.

Reet! I hope that’s covered most things! – More updates will probably come as they occur to me that I haven’t sorted them out so keep an eye on this group for additional info and get your suggestions/ideas/offers in NOW!!



2 years…

It’s awful to have anniversaries of horrible things, and I don’t want to perpetuate it as I’d rather not believe in it, but I guess we’ve been conditioned into our yearly cycles so we just can’t help it.

It always hits me most late at night, if I’m working late or whatever and a song comes on that just takes me into that weird frame of thought that I felt during the time Robb was in hospital and for weeks just after he died. We were working non-stop then too, as Robb decided to check out right before our first big deadline (no pun intended) as a new company. Tonight, it’s Mogwai doing the business, but it probably could be anything.

The whole thing still is surreal. Not real at all. I just thought ‘it’s hard to believe my brother has died, hard to believe he was even alive’, not meaning to rhyme or anything, it’s just too weird and fucked up to be true, so it sometimes seems like none of it was real.

Something that has been going round my head for a long time now, usually all night at the gigs, is that it’s ‘fucked up’ (for want of a better phrase) that someone has to die for it to come out how much the people around them really fucking love and appreciate them. Maybe we should tell each other more. If Robb could have seen any of the gigs I don’t see how he could have done what he did. I don’t see how he could’ve done it anyway really. Too stupid. I didn’t think he was that stupid. I think the main thing we have to learn from what happened is that NOONE should ever, ever be that stupid. Always talk to someone. Life is the most amazing thing possible. If you don’t feel that, it can and should be learnt. I can’t forgive Robb for killing himself, because it’s not just about him, it’s about everyone around him and it’s fucked people up, and that is not fair.

I’m rambling cos I’m tired. Sorry. I’ve got a poem in me somewhere that has been kicking around ever since it happened, I need to find some space to write it down.


Videos, from around the internet…

We’ve yet to have chance to look through the footage from the gig, but already there are videos beginning to circulate… If you have any more, or know of any, lemme know! The first one has already got back to Adam Buxton (Adam and Joe Show was always one of Robb and my favourites, and still is amazing!), tho I wonder what Robb Flynn would make of Davidian… Anyone up for asking?