Still here…

Hello, not sure if anyone even knows this site exists yet, but in case you have stumbled across it, it’s very much in development still! I’ll make it all nice one day soon… In the meantime more on beards.

5 thoughts on “Still here…”

  1. Hello!

    it would be very nice to put some pics on this site of Robb, is there another gig planned for this year?


  2. Hi Del, sorry for being so slow replying! I will be getting some more interesting stuff up here a.s.a.p., just been well busy for months now!

    We’re got some ideas brewing for this year, will be posting updates soon as I can confirm a few things…

  3. Hey, been a long time and I’ve never been able to make it to one of the gigs, however should you ever get pics on here I have loads from the old school and Utopia days! Miss everyone to bits and miss the playing bohemian rhapsody on the back of the coach on a Germany trip! Hehe. Good luck with the gig J, sorry I’ve never made it, Robb was a legend and many a happy time with u both x

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